What is Curve?

No matter what gets thrown at you, Curve is working to continuously train and develop your players.

This robust enterprise player development platform includes:

  • Goal setting & performance metrics
  • Collaboration with elite, expert coaches
  • Skillset training via video analysis
  • High-quality training content
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Mental performance training
  • Specialized arm care
  • Remote training and coaching for year-round development
  • Enterprise class implementation & support


Curve is your business partner.

A web-based player dev technology, Curve by Baseball.works™ provides a competitive edge for your players and your organization. Access athlete data and training tools on any device. Use a smartphone to capture and upload videos without expensive equipment.

"Now is the future for player development."

— Pat Casey


Our Partners

Stronger together.
InnerPro Sports

Strength & Speed Training

KineticPro Baseball

Arm Health

Stick and Ball TV

Video-Based Training


Mental Strength

The Technology

Comprehensive & agile

Curve enables access to extensive player data from any device and is compatible with the latest tracking and performance tech.


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